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When to File a Lawsuit as a Car Crash Injury Victim
Wood Atter & Wolf P.A.

Typically, a lawsuit is not filed immediately following an automobile accident. In most automobile accident insurance cases or claims, it will take time to determine: It is also helpful to know in advance of filing a lawsuit the extent of automobile accident liability insurance. This is insurance to compensate the injury victim for medical bills,…

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Florida Pedestrian Accidents – What You Should Know
Wood Atter & Wolf P.A.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every 8 minutes. Likewise, one pedestrian is killed every two hours. When a vehicle collides with a human being, it can be devastating for both the victim and their family. With the increases in distracted driving (cell phone calls…

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What is the Burden of Proof in a Personal Injury Case?
Wood Atter & Wolf P.A.

Burden of proof is a legal party’s obligation to demonstrate the proof of their argument. A legal party, in these terms, usually refers to the plaintiff in a civil trial–perhaps someone who has filed a personal injury lawsuit–or the prosecutor in a criminal trial–someone who is trying to have the defendant convicted of a crime.…

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Legal Options When Your Child Is Injured At School
Wood Atter & Wolf P.A.

Throughout the United States, children are injured while in school or while participating in school-related activities. Schools and their respective staff have a duty to supervise the children under their care. Furthermore, they have a duty to maintain a reasonably safe educational environment for children. Unfortunately, carelessness and negligence by teachers, teacher’s aides, administrators, coaches,…

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David Wolf and his Legal assistant Jodi have been very helpful and responsive during the process of settling my daughter's auto injury claim. They were thorough and...

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Mr Wolf and his team were very helpful in meeting our legal needs following my wife's car accident.

Brad Manhattan

Mr. Wolf, Esq., contacted me immediately & provided outstanding professional guidance to me. Outstanding help & assistance.Walter Baker

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