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When a Truck Driver Wrecks Your Day and Your Life

Big Trucks… Big Problems. Semi-trucks and commercial vehicles are typically much greater in size, weight, and volume to other vehicles on the road. When a truck driver working for a company drives in a negligent manner and causes a crash, one or more lives are often drastically affected for a lifetime.

Any time a truck driver gets behind a wheel, there is a clear and important responsibility to operate the truck / commercial vehicle in a safe, careful, and reasonable manner.

Otherwise, a truck accident will happen and change and even end the lives of other drivers and passengers otherwise driving in a safe and reasonable manner on the streets and highways.

In the aftermath of a trucking accident, a victim and his or her family face a number of challenges.

Be Informed

Truck drivers, truck companies, businesses, and insurance companies are all well represented by investigators, adjusters, risk managements, administrators, and, yes, attorneys.

Whether you are the injury victim or the family of an injury victim from a truck accident or crash, you can learn about the rights of the injury victim in the book titled – Big Trucks . . . Big Problems – When a Truck Driver Wrecks Your Day and Your Life – Legal Rights of the Injury Victim and Family.

The book was written as a resource and guide for victims and families seeking help and information in the aftermath of a serious truck accident.

While the book is not intended as a substitute for ongoing legal representation by a qualified truck accident attorney, the book does provide some valuable information and tips for victims and families seeking such information.

Big Trucks Big Problems has the following chapters:

  • General Issues and Questions
  • Commercial Driver’s License Requirements and Training
  • Truck Driver’s Logs, Weigh Stations, and Black Boxes
  • Medical Treatment and Follow Up
  • Insurance Issues and Common Questions
  • Truck Accidents – Types of Injuries
  • Truck Accidents – Wrongful Death
  • Settlement, Compensation, and Damages

The case or claim on behalf of the personal injury victim does not begin and end with the crash.

For instance, let’s assume that semi tractor trailer crashes into the rear end of a passenger vehicle.

A police officer arrives on the scene and issues a traffic citation to the truck driver. The driver of the passenger vehicle is taken to the hospital and treated briefly for neck and back injuries.

Get Compensation

Thereafter, the victim seeks and obtains ongoing care from a variety of doctors and specialists.

Under these facts, the trucking company and insurance company will not necessarily compensate the victim for a fair and just value for the personal injury case.

There are a myriad of factors that go in to any individual personal injury case. As such, it is important to get legal guidance, advice, and representation from a Florida Truck Accident Attorney to protect and enforce your legal rights.

David A. Wolf is a Florida Truck Accident Attorney with over 26 years of experience representing clients throughout the State of Florida.

He is the author of a number of books and over 3,500 articles that focus on personal injury and safety issues.

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