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Remedies and Compensation

Don't Let Your Legal Rights Get Pirated Away

A day, outing, vacation, or trip on a cruise ship or boat should be one filled with fun, adventure, and joy. For most people, time spent on or near a lake, river, or ocean are just that. For some people however, what starts out as a day of adventure and fun turns to one filled with pain, stress, and serious injuries. When these injuries are caused in whole or in part by the fault or negligence of others, a claim or cause of action can be pursued by the injury victim.

This book titled - Cruise Ship & Boating Injuries - Remedies and Compensation - Don't Let Your Rights Get Pirated Away - was written for victims seeking answers and information when they suffer personal injuries as a result of a cruise ship or boating incident.

The issues and challenges of dealing with the aftermath the physical and / or emotional injuries to an injury victim are many in number. They range from medical treatment to insurance issues to financial issues to legal issues and beyond. Most injury victims are not experienced with insurance claims, injury cases, or lawsuits. This book provides information to injury victims and their families to educate them as to some of the issues and questions that arise when a person suffers significantly in the form of physical and / or emotional injuries from a cruise ship or boating incident.

This book covers a broad range of topics including the following:

  • Types of Incidents That Cause Injuries on a Cruise;
  • When and Where to Make a Claim;
  • Cruise Ships Touching a United States Port;
  • What is the Statute of Limitations (Time Limits) for a Cruise Ship or Boating Injury Case?
  • Where Should the Victim Receive Medical Care and Counseling for Injuries Resulting from a Cruise Ship or Boating Incident?
  • What Factors are Considered in Awarding Damages / Compensation for the Wrongful Death of the Injury Victim?
  • What Types of Mattes, Incidents, or Accidents Qualify under a Wrongful Death Act?
  • When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer be Hired for a Cruise Ship or Boating Injury Case?
  • Should an Injury Victim Sign Documents for an Insurance Company, Cruise Ship, or Boat Owner?
  • How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth?

Following an incident on a cruise ship, during an excursion, or during boating related activities, there can be a number of challenges and stressors on the injury victim and the family. It is important to be informed and to take actions that protect legal rights and refrain from other actions that may harm or hinder the pursuit of the case. Get Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. on Your Side At Your Side. The law firm of Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. will Give Direction and a Voice to Injury Victims.

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