What Should I do If I am in a Florida Motorcycle Accident?

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Motorcycle accidents run a broad spectrum from minor accidents to significant ones in which a motorcyclist suffers severe injuries and even dies as a result of the crash.

Like shoes, there is no one size fits all approach to the handling of the challenges in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. However, there are some general tips or recommendations that apply to most situations.

It should be noted that the best and safest approach to take is to contact and hire a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible to get guidance, advice, and legal representation in place.

Of course, the medical needs of the injured motorcyclist should take priority over everything else.

Here are some things to keep in mind as the injured motorcyclist or the family of the injured motorist dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Call the Police

That’s right. Make sure that the police come to the scene of the crash to take statements, draw diagrams, interview the other driver, interview witnesses, assess the property damage, obtain automobile insurance information, document the roadways and road conditions, and issue a citation to the at-fault driver.

Call Fire Rescue

If the injured motorcyclist needs immediate medical attention, get fire rescue to the scene to perform an evaluation and transport the motorcyclist if needed to a local emergency room.

Go to the Emergency Room or Get Medical Care ASAP

If a motorcyclist is feeling any pain following a crash or just feels somewhat different, the motorcyclist should seek medical care at an Emergency Room or through a qualified medical provider in the community.

It is best to have an examination that reveals no significant injury than to not discover a latent injury that worsens over time because of a lack
of initial treatment.

Take Photographs of the Vehicle and Roadway

If it is safe to do so, take photographs of the respective vehicles and any visible damage to fixed objects like guardrails.

Also, take photographs of any skid marks and debris (if any) on the roadway. It is also helpful to have photographs of the viewpoint of the motorcyclist and the viewpoint of the other driver as each approached the point of impact.

Photographs of applicable road signs, traffic signals, and landmarks may also be helpful.

Take Photographs of Physical Injuries

Physical and visible injuries suffered as a result of a motorcycle accident help illustrate the force of the impact of the body of the motorcyclist. Over time, bruises, lacerations, and related injuries may fade or heal.

As such, it is important to document these injuries from the beginning.

Have friends or family members photo document your stay at the hospital and your recovery at home. Photograph your wound dressings and the injury site beneath them. Photograph any accommodations that had to be made to your home such as toilet seats, shower benches or special beds or chairs that are now required.

Take the pictures every few days to show healing or deterioration. These photographs are priceless in front of a jury.

Do Not Give Statements to the Insurance Companies

This section applies to an act to refrain from, rather than an act to do, following a motorcycle accident.

At some point in time, the motorcyclist will be required to provide a statement to his or her own insurance company to cooperate per the terms of the policy. However, it is best to give this statement only after being prepared by an experienced attorney and in the presence of his or her attorney hired to handle the motorcycle accident case.

Most times, the request for a statement comes from the at-fault driver’s insurance company trying to find inconsistencies in your statement so they can deny their driver’s liability.

Do not, under any circumstances, speak to the at-fault driver’s insurance company without consulting an attorney.

Many bikers think that it is obvious that the accident was not their fault and nobody in the world could dispute that. Well, insurance companies make billions of dollars thinking just that. It’s not their driver’s fault and they do not have to pay your claim.

Don’t fall into their trap and consult a Florida motorcycle accident attorney after an accident.

Stay Off of Social Media

Here is another act to refrain from. In our age of ongoing 24/7 social media, many people post on Facebook to keep family members and friends
informed of both good things and not so good things.

Insurance companies, upon the report of the accident, will commonly search through Facebook to see if there are any posts related to the crash and to see if there are any posts that may be used against the motorcyclist in the future.

Rarely, if ever, Facebook and other social media sites bolster or support an injury case. At least, refrain from posting anything that may relate to the crash or do anything directly or indirectly to affect the pursuit of the case or claim.

Get Follow-Up Medical Care

If there is an emergency room visit, the services by the emergency room are short-term and limited in nature.

Follow-up care should be obtained following either a short-term emergency room visit or a more involved hospitalization.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Even in the first few hours or days following a motorcycle accident, actions and statements may end up harming the case or claim.

As such, it is often best to get an attorney in place to help you navigate through the challenges and obstacles that present themselves in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

What Can You Do?

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury as the result of an accident and are concerned about the long-term emotional and financial consequences, you need to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney to learn about all of your options.

Our Jacksonville personal injury law firm will work to protect your legal rights and pursue rightful compensation for long term medical bills, wage loss, disfigurement, pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, and lost enjoyment of life.

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