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Jacksonville Truck Accident Injury LawyersToday, more than at any other time in recent history, large numbers of commercial trucks are entering our roadways (city streets, interstates and neighborhoods), sharing the same space we use in our everyday life. With the recent economic recovery that is taking place in our country, commercial trucking has become a good indicator on how the economy is growing. As product demand increases so does the congestion of commercial trucking, invading our roadways, delivering products and services to a growing nation. Unfortunately, with the increased numbers of trucks entering service they bring with them an ever-increasing number of accidents and injuries.Florida’s Transportation DilemmaIn 2015 there were approximately 340 trucking accidents occurring every day in the United States.  These trucking accidents accounted for roughly 12 deaths per day, over 4,300 deaths per year. The State of Florida’s position in the trucking industry serves as one of the most important truck routes taken in the nation. With our numerous ports receiving goods from the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, Europe, the Far East and other parts of the country, Florida’s trucking industry transports these good to the entire southeast region and beyond.  Because of this, automobile drivers in Florida, and especially in the north and northeast part of the state are more at risk of being involved in a trucking accident than people in other areas of the country. 

Due to semi-trucks size and the overwhelming number entering our roadway systems, truck accidents are becoming more common. These accidents often produce very serious injuries and sometimes death occurs. Additionally, commercial trucking accidents tend to make insurance claims much more difficult. 
Semi-Truck Accident Claims
If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a truck, commercial freight carrier or other licensed transportation vehicle, it is necessary to hire an experienced trucking accident attorney. Wood, Atter and Wolf is a personal injury law firm specializing in all types of truck and semi-truck accidents. Truck accident legal claims and cases may involve more than one responsible party because many drivers are independent contractors. Each truck accident case should be evaluated on its own facts and merits.  As part of the investigation of the crash, the status of the driver as an independent contractor or employee of a trucking company will be evaluated to determine how to best pursue the case. Some trucking companies are out of state, making the claims process more difficult. Insurance filings and compensation sought for injuries can be much more complicated then say traditional automobile accidents.  

Last year in the State of Florida, there were hundreds of trucking accidents, and a significant number of these accidents led to very serious injuries and fatalities. Statistically, of all traffic related fatalities nationwide, 12% are caused by trucks. In almost 98%  truck crashes involving a fatality, it is the driver or passenger in the motor vehicle, not the truck driver, who dies as a result of the truck accident.  
When a driver or passenger of an automobile accident dies as a result of a truck accident that is the fault of the truck driver, a Florida Wrongful Death claim or case can be pursued by one or more surviving family members. Wood, Atter and Wolf understand the intricacies, challenges, laws, and rights to compensation that relate to a Florida Wrongful Death claim or case.  Michael Atter and David Wolf are both experienced personal injury attorneys with the skill sets and work ethic to advocate for truck accident personal injury victims and their families.  

Following a truck accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of a truck driver, the injury victim should seek immediate medical attention.  Thereafter, it is important to contact an experienced truck accident attorney firm like Wood, Atter and Wolf. Never answer insurance questions about your accident without first obtaining legal advice. Insurance companies that represent trucking firms will always try to lower the value of your claim or deny it completely. Michael Atter and David Wolf have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and the challenges associated with a truck accident personal injury case. 
Leading Factors Involved In Trucking AccidentsThe majority of trucking accidents that occur in Florida involve flatbed trailers and enclosed box trucks (18 Wheelers), as seen in most delivery type trucks on the road today. More of these types of trucks are in service hauling freight and goods to market. Florida also has a large number of logging trucks in use because of all the pine tree farms, especially in the northern part of the state. Sand and dirt haulers, dump trucks, are also in wide circulation throughout the state. Florida has its fair share of in-climate weather contributing to dangerous road conditions causing all types of accidents. Truck weights and size make their vehicles much more dangerous for smaller cars. Additionally, truck driver fatigue, driver distractions, unsafe driving or large truck safety defects are the main reasons for truck accidents, which often lead to serious injury or death since a lot of these accidents are head-on collisions.Physical and Emotional Impact of Being Involved In A Semi-Truck Accident
If you or a family member has been injured in a large truck accident, you may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, as well as pain and suffering. Consulting with a seasoned Jacksonville truck accident lawyer can help you understand the legal options and remedies available to you. A semi-tractor trailer, dump truck, or large commercial vehicle including buses are much larger than passenger vehicles including cars, trucks, mini vans, sports cars, and other vehicles. As such, the traumatic impact from a trucking accident can lead to and often does cause serious personal injuries and, in some cases, wrongful death.

Experienced Truck Accident AttorneysThe law firm of Wood, Atter and Wolf can guide you through the legal process, and work with insurance companies and medical providers to help you get back on your feet and help your recover the compensation you deserve.  At Wood, Atter and Wolf, the attorneys are On Your Side – At Your Side. Contact our Jacksonville personal injury law firm online or call us at (904) 355-8888 to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options.
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