Criminal Law

Criminal Defense and the Right to Aggressive Representation

Being arrested by police and charged with a crime is one of the most traumatic events one can face. Many law-abiding citizens make unfortunate mistakes resulting in some type of criminal prosecution. Often, the police make mistakes, resultin in unfounded charges. Heated words may result in an altercation, police are called and someone is taken to jail. Even having one or two drinks can put the average driver in peril of being arrested and charged with driving under the influence. At Wood, Atter & Wolf we are sympathetic to the issues facing our clients who are charged with a crime, and the impact on their families. We know first-hand when someone faces serious criminal charges they are experiencing a very emotional and stressful time in their life. Choosing the right criminal law attorney to successfully defend your rights is the first step a defendant should take to avoid loss of freedom. Wood, Atter & Wolf understands that many factors go into a successful defense but none are more important than experienced and dedicated trial attorneys who understand the aggressive tactics of criminal prosecutors. We fight to mitigate the charges brought forth or get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Michael Atter is a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney with over 35 years of experience and dedication defending the rights of thousands of clients in Northeast FL.Straightforward Legal CounselAs trial attorneys, we represent clients in local, state and federal court. Many of our clients have been charged with a crime for the very first time and have no prior criminal record. Many of our clients are professionals who face severe consequences due to their position or security clearance. We know that when your current and future livelihood is on the line a simple mistake can have lifelong consequences. Hiring the right legal representation is of critical importance. That’s where we come in. For over 50 years Wood, Atter & Wolf have successfully represented individuals charged with a crime. Wood, Atter & Wolf is on your side, at your side every step of the way before, during and after a verdict has been rendered. Common Crimes We Defend
  • Assault and Battery Charges
  • Breaking and Entering 
  • Counterfeiting and Money Laundering 
  • Date Rape 
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Drug Offenses and Substance Abuse Cases 
  • DUI Arrests 
  • Felony Child Abuse 
  • Grand Larceny 
  • Juvenile Defense 
  • Murder 
  • Record Sealing
  • Robbery 
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Solicitation of Prostitution 
  • Stalking 
  • Violation of Probation
  • Worthless Checks
Why Hire Wood, Atter, & Wolf, P.A.?If you are charged with a crime and are facing prosecution, Michael Atter is very interested in hearing your side of the story. From the moment Wood, Atter & Wolf takes on a case, they aggressively pursue all possible defenses. If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a crime, you have constitutional rights that need to be protected. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney will explain your rights and help you understand the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure and how they may be used to help defend your case. We will examine all possible defenses, weighing the evidence that exists and will advise you on your chances at trial, or if a plea is in your best interest. Our hands-on approach helps our clients weigh their options, while making sure you understand your rights and the best defense for your specific case. The more information we have, the better we can prepare a defense. You can rest assured if you retain Wood, Atter & Wolf we will not rest until your case is resolved.

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Client Reviews
David Wolf is an excellent attorney. He is my FIRST call when a problem arises. He has represented me on a few matters and guided me on others. He is responsive, professional, and compassionate. If you want a down to earth attorney who will fight for your rights, David Wolf would be a good choice for you. - Karen E.
I am writing to recommend David as counsel. Our grand daughter was injured in a family daycare and during a very difficult time David provided sound advice even when we were unsure of where to turn. David is sincere in desire to help others, is thorough in his explanation of complicated issues and is personable besides. Thanks for reaching out to us, David. We will forever be appreciative. - Mary
I called Mr. Wolf to consult him about a settlement that was being offered to me due to an auto accident. He took the time to answer all my questions in a kind and honest way, so I decided to let him handle the case. I am very happy I did. He is very nice and professional, and promptly answers emails and calls. I highly recommend Mr. Wolf. - K.H.
David is well recognized in the Jacksonville community as tireless advocate for his clients. I would recommend David and his firm for those who have been injured or harmed by the carless of negligence of others. - Ben Whitman
David Wolf was able to resolve my situation quickly and efficiently. He is a professional attorney who is not only extremely knowledgeable but also kind and considerate. He took the time to assure me of the results and put my mind at ease. I would recommend him highly and would only retain him for other legal services. - Elyse